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TecStock.com is a web site devoted to stock technical analysis. It uses a powerful and flexible formula system to provide you with a platform for the stock technical analysis. It provides unlimited possibilities to explore your own great ideas, design your custom stock screeners and indicators with high quality stock charts.

  • You can design your custom indicators using formulas. BDXG is a good example of how far you can go with the formula system when designing your custom indicators.

  • You can implement your custom stock screeners. Once you have saved your formulas, TecStock.com will use them to scan more than 10,000 stocks everyday after market close and generate signals for you.

  • TecStock.com provides stock charts with the quality you are looking for. See for example GE, SU, GOOG, MSFT, JPM.

  • If you are running a web business for stock investment and are looking for high quality charts which you can integrate into your web pages, TecStock.com is your best choice. TecStock.com provides you with a thin integration API. By using the API you can configure the chart size, colors and all the small details so that the chart matches your pattern and style and becomes a seamless part of your web pages. You can even put your company's name on the top of charts like this chart shows and make your web business even more professional. More demos can be found here.

  • TecStock.com provides some special and unique indicators only available on TecStock.com. Our CYQ indicator, for example, shows you the dynamic cost chart of stocks. It can be used to monitor the positions of institutional investors. If you are wondering at what price big investors are holding their positions on IBM, take a look at the CYQ chart of IBM here. The dynamic CYQ chart can even show you how their positions are changing.

TecStock.com provides many unique features for your stock analysis and web business. If you are willing to have a try, sign up for a trial account. To get an overview of what else features are available on TecStock.com, please take a look at our service comparison.


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