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The facility of backtesting is designed to help you evaluate and tune the performance of your custom formulas.

You can backtest your formulas against different stocks by choosing different price and market cap ranges. In addition, you can explicitly specify stocks you want to include in the backtesting process. The check box beside allows you to tell if you want to test your formula only against the stocks you have specified.

Depending on the complexity of formulas, online backtesting may demand a significant amount of computational power and thus the total number of stocks used in each backtesting is limited to 200. Time frame used in backtesting varies from 2 months to 2 years, depending on the number of stocks used in the test. The less stocks you specify, the bigger the time frame will be.

Before testing your formula, make sure that it contains expressions like

singal_signame : ... 
This tells TSFS that your formula is going to generate signals with the name signame.

For example, the following simple formula generates signals with the name "gap_up" when stocks gap more than 2% up in price:

# today's low is 2% above yesterday's high
cond := low / ref(high, 1) > 1.02;
signal_gap_up : cond;

Once you have finished tuning and saved your formula, TecStock.com will use it to scan more than 10,000 stocks everyday after market close and generate signals for you.

The backtesting facility is available to all users. Non-registered users, however, can only view testing results up to 10 days prior to the most recent market close date.

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