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If you have a set of well defined formulas and you want to share your formulas with other people, or you want to sell your formulas to other users and make money, you can export your formulas and download the result to a file. The export result is also displayed in a non-editable text area. This way, you can easily copy the text and paste it to the
Formula Exchange Forum or to anywhere else you want.

You can protect your formulas by providing an encryption key. Tecstock.com takes your hard work very seriously and uses an 256-bit encryption algorithm to protect your formulas. This makes sure that no one can use your formulas without your key.

If you sell your formulas in an encrypted format, the formulas will always remain encrypted, meaning that the buyers can only use your formulas. They will not be able to read, edit and resell your formulas. The buyers will be able to read the formula description though. So make sure you always provide detailed description on how to use the formulas.

Want to resell the same set of formulas periodically? You can do it! You can use the date function to restrict the use of your formulas to a predefined time frame.

For example, the following simple formula is to generate doji signals. doji is a candlestick pattern where open = close. However, the formula works only when it is before 2021-05-01. This is because the variable valid will always be 0 (meaning no more valid) after 2021-05-01. More details on this and additional examples can be found in the formula guide.

valid := if(date < 1210501, 1, 0); # valid becomes 0 after 2021-05-01
doji  := close = open;
signal_doji : doji and valid;

You can also use formula export to archive your formulas and keep a copy of your valuable work on your local machine.

When exporting formulas, please note that

  • you can only export formulas in your account that are not encrypted;

  • if your export formula F2 which calls another formula F1 in your account, make sure that you also export F1. Otherwise people will not be able import your formulas;

  • the size of the export result is limited to 50K bytes. This should be sufficient in most cases. If you have more formulas to export, try to export them to multiple files with smaller size.


It is sometimes a good idea to use well-proven formulas written by other experienced users rather than doing everything from scratch yourself. To import formulas into your account, you can either upload your formula file or simply paste its text to the text area. Make sure that you do not modify anything in the text or the import process will fail. If the formulas are encrypted, make sure that you have the right decription key.

After your file or text has been uploaded, you can choose which formulas you want to import into your account. If you try to import formulas whose name come into collision with that of your existing formulas, an error message will show up unless you have checked the "Override Existing Formulas" box. You can also provide a group name so that all the imported formulas will be under that group name.

If the formulas you have imported are encrypted, you will be able to read and edit the formula description but not the formula code including parameters etc. You can choose to delete encrypted formulas whenever you want though.


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