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Integrate High Quality Charts Into Your Web Site

If you are running a web businness for stock investment and are looking for high quality stock charts which you can integrate into your web site, TecStock.com is your best choice.

  • TecStock.com provides a fast and easy way to let you integrate the high quality charts you are looking for into your web site.

  • By using a very thin integration API, you can configure the chart from size, colors, indicators to all the small details so that the chart matches your pattern and style and becomes a seamless part of your web site.

  • If you are very serious about your web business, TecStock.com provides the Golden Service Package to let you put your company's name on the top of charts. This will make your web site even more compelling and professional.

Below you find three demos. You will see that integrating high quality charts into your web site is just a matter of copy and paste.

Demo 1 shows how you can add a "Get Chart" button in your web page.

If you think that demo 1 is not good enough and want to give your users the full control over charts like other big commercial web sites do, then demo 2 is the right one for you.

Demo 3 demonstrates how to add a list or a thumbnail view of charts in your web page. This is useful if you write comments on stocks and want to show more than one charts to your users.


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